"I saw this Manual Microwave an electronics store," Daniel Fountain wrote, "is there a crank? Do I have to hold my food and spin on the spot?"


"What do you mean I don't have enough freespace to copy the entire Internet on my hard drive?" writes Carlos S.


Seb wonders, "so can I only translate between the same languages? Or are my languages not different enough?"


"This is the search form for finding microchips," writes Late, "I guess there are many kinds of no?"


"I got this job recommendation," Sam wrote, "I guess I'm not really interested in Not Available either."


Ryan writes, "I don't remember buying a 'null null null', but it sounds quite exciting!"


"This is not quite how I remember Astron Belt," notes Brad Sherman.


"I was happy to learn that my AMD Graphics Driver doesn't release itself to just anybody," Søren Andersen notes, "especially not to failure. It told me so after booting Windows 7."


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