"Having used a calculator to double check," Stephan writes, "I can confirm that the SQL 2008 R2 database will have to live without tuned indexes. Unless anyone happens to have a 64 zettabyte disk I can borrow?"


"This useful screen came up when installing the Release Preview of Windows 8," writes Dave, "I guess I'll start a backup first..."


"I was thrilled to be flying on my first private plane," wrote Scott Selikoff, "That was until I noticed the in-flight navigation screen. I guess the computer was pretty stressed managing all 1 of the screens."


"Lucky," Tobias O'Leary writes, "I left my Kroger card at home."


"I spotted this in the Perforce GUI," notes Eric, "if you open the branch dialog it will show 'SHOULDN'T EVER SEE THIS' for the first second or two."


"I received this return credit receipt a little while ago," writes Abby, "although I paid $27.99, I suppose I'll let it go."


Christian Riesen couldn't help but notice the wonderful juxtaposition of the comics content and the ad in the lower right corner...


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