"Apparently Microsoft realizes that my chosen birthdate is fake," Chris D. writes, "I can have the 2nd of January, though."


Chris B wrote, "I got these two choices on my Apple TV when I went to setup MLB. Hmmm...Tough decision..."


"I tried to export a citation from the revered Cochrane database of research summaries and got an unexpected error," Carole L. wrote, "Unfortunately, I can't say that I share the same sentiment."


I give up. I'll leave it up to you readers to figure out what the heck Foxit Reader's Updater is trying to say in the image that Andy sent our way.


And this one too! Seriously? Check out this confused updater logic that NetSqlAzMan in Mark's submission.


Alastair writes, "I was trying to apply for a credit card recently. Apparently nobody in Australia has a job."


Rod H. wrote, "Just the other day I was looking at some expensive headphones, it seems that Amazon have assumed that I might need some very expensive tapes to record my mixes on or something, how very thoughtful!"


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