"Not the sharpest blade in the data center...if you know what I mean," wrote Sam C.


"I was going to uninstall some old programs and found this calculation error," wrote Daniel Dugger, "I don't know who to blame here - Altium or Microsoft?"


"The tax rates in California are getting out of hand!" remarked Cliff Hopper.


Samuli Hirvonen mused, "I wonder what the legal impact to my pizza order is here..."


"This is the first time that I have every left the USA, seeing this did not leave me with any comfort," writes Jared.


Josh P. wrote, "While I was booking a vehicle theory test, I was pleased to discover that the programmers behind Direct.gov had thoroughly 'future proofed' their site."


Josip Medved noted "It's important to have minimum of zero characters for State field. We don't want our database to store negative character counts, do we?"


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