Ian wonders, "and what precisely are they selling at this toy store?"


"I'm surprised no one claimed that Pay Phrase," writes Eric Hoch.


"Offline settings, eh?" writes Tomas Zelenay, "sounds interesting, though doesn't seem quite useful."


"Ouch," writes Chris, "I guess even computer's find errors to be painful."


Chris"Of course, neither my username nor my password have ever been numbers," writes Chris.


"I wasn't interested in the offer until I got to Promo Line 3," F Gerdes writes, "Promo Line 5 really sold me on it."


E Archambeault writes ,"Ankur must've approved it."


"I think I would have noticed if my system was rebooted and it wasn't yet," Craig writes, "however, when I clicked OK my system promptly rebooted. I can only imagine what technical support calls would be like."


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