Not all of us are fortunate enough to work in "spacious, windowed private office" like the pampered developers over at Fogcreek. At my company (Inedo) for example, developers are constantly trying to figure out, do I get a chair today, or is it my turn to plug-in to the network? While I'm sure your work environments are equally less-than-ideal, not too many can compare with Baughn's experience.

"I was called in by a small company to make some minor changes to their software," Baughn wrote, "mostly language translations. Apparently, the normal maintainer had just up and quit."

"As I entered my temporary office, I got an inkling of why. On the wobbly desk sat a flickering 15" CRT attached to a grimy, Compaq-branded Pentium II. But what made up my mind, however, was this following line."


if (exitStatus==(3-3)) // Sorry, some ov my keys are broken
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