Personally, in all my years of application development, I have had zero use of ternary operators.

You might argue that ternary operators are useful in that they reduce the code footprint of an application of those unnecessarily lengthy if-then-else statements. But really...who are we kidding here? The only practical application of ternary operator is to either intentionally obfuscate your code or use it as a soapbox to brag about how "l33t" you are.

Case in point, the single line of code that Hrvoje P. sent in.

FailSafe==0?'No technical alarms':((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&2)!=0&&(FailSafe&4)!=0&&(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state; Bad visibility;
Initialization; Bad configuration':((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&2)!=0&&(FailSafe&4)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state; Bad visibility; Initialization':
((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&2)!=0&&(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state; Bad visibility; Bad configuration':((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&4)!=0&&
(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state; Initialization; Bad configuration':((FailSafe&2)!=0&&(FailSafe&4)!=0&&(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Bad visibility;
Initialization; Bad configuration':((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&2)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state; Bad visibility':((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&4)!=0?'Detection 
zones staying in a given state; Initialization':((FailSafe&1)!=0&&(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state; Bad configuration':((FailSafe&2)!=0&&
(FailSafe&4)!=0?'Bad visibility; Initialization':((FailSafe&2)!=0&&(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Bad visibility; Bad configuration':((FailSafe&4)!=0&&(FailSafe&8)!=0?'Initialization; Bad 
configuration':((FailSafe&1)!=0?'Detection zones staying in a given state':((FailSafe&2)!=0?'Bad visibility':((FailSafe&4)!=0?'Initialization':((FailSafe&8)!=0?'Bad 
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