Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers (and, now mini-buttons) to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small souvenir. More recently, I've been sending out the coveted TDWTF Mugs for truly awesome souvenirs. Nothing specific; per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything, yet again! (previous: Assortment of Awesomeness).

When I received a fairly large package from Hans Van Slooten (Chicago, IL), I was super-excited. And then I opened it:

Excitement hardly describes my reaction. My life changed. You see, I've always wanted to get in on the Information Super Highway, but I could never find an on-ramp. Thankfully, OS/2 WARP provides just that. And not only that, Hans included some pins that I can wear to proudly proclaim my new OS of course.

As an added bonus, it's exciting to get some newer technology for the office:


"My company recently decided to buy a 'card' printer, so here's a fun souvenir of yourself," Francis Rath (Norway) writes, "and also, some Norwegian milk chocolate. It's the best around, and even though Norway borders Finland, our chocolate is nothing like their salmiyuck!"

Delicious indeed! Not only have I crossed Norway off of my "countries I hate because they border Finland" list, but I've decided to become a Candy Ambassador and send back some American staples. Of course, as an American, I already assume that all of your stores are filled with our treats, but who doesn't love a Reece's cup!?

Of course, after realizing the international postal costs to send 10oz of candy... I may resign my post. Or send less.


Mark R (Philadelphia, PA) sent in some randomness. You'll note there are a few Ziggy comics, which all good high-entropic random stuff selectors will pick.


"I know you do not accept Canadian money as a souvenir, but I don't remember anythinga bout Canadian Tire money," François Charette (Quebec) writes. Thanks François for reminding me that there are things even more worthless than Canadian money!


As an example of cool-looking (and non-Canadian) currency, Alex Friedman (Ramat Gan, Israel) sent in a some shekel.


I don't know who sent this in, but maybe you can help. I think that U=h, r=e, y=l, b=o, N=A, and k=x... but since I'm pretty sure the rest of the message just says "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine", and I haven't gotten much further.


Aaron L (Stratham, NH) sent a bunch of doodles from his Passadoodle app.


"Our office is moving, and that means I had to clean out my desk," writes William Morris (Evansville, IN), "but THAT means that I came across some junk goodies that I hear I can exchange for some stickers!"

It may not be so obvious from the picture, but those are untouched, NRFP Windows Vista pens. Despite that, I had to show this exciting features featuring feature:

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