"I came across this 'digital' sign in NY Penn Station," Dan wrote, "for some reason, it makes me think of Mitch Hedberg."


"I'm going through the process of applying to law school," wrote Alex M, "it's not an easy process, but so far it has been incredibly streamlined and, even more surprising since it's entirely online, hitch-free. And then I came to a certain school's application. Not only was it redundant (in certain sections, triply so -- apparently they wanted my name three times just to make sure I remembered it), but I discovered that gender isn't merely a Male/Female/Other, but in fact is a binary proposition for each possible state."


"I was really confused about what I was supposed to choose," writes Audun Kvasbø.


"I was accessing the MSDN Academic Alliance site to download Visual Studio," wrote Louis W, "but I wasn't sure which school I went to. Is it 'Arizona State University' or 'ASU'? Perhaps 'Arizona State Univerrsity'? And what's 'is dept'?"


"My opinion is important to Congressman Peters..." notes Eric, "so long as I don't express it with the forbidden words."


"My uncle recently ordered a product sample on the internet," wrote Alex van Herwijnen, "when it got delivered, he noticed this oddity in the address."


"I guess leading digit in 'Brooklyn' is not just silent but invisible," writes Gabriel Goldberg.


"I did a search for a user in Sametime," wrote Ken Brittain "Apparently there are too many user with that name...or none at all."


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