"I've always wondered if people pay attention to the errors their computers produce," pondered William Walsh, "Empirical evidence would suggest not, though apparently the opposite is true over at The Weather Channel's web site!"


"I got this wonderful error message when trying to select a date to begin deferment on his wife's student loans," reports Chris Deehan, "I'm not waiting that long, that's for sure."


Josh Shields clicked the third option as he has trouble resisting Dunkin Donuts.


"I found a new option when I tried to delete a table from an ERD in MySQL Workbench," noted Andrew N., "As an added feature, Keep actually deletes the table."


Mike wrote, "Being the 999,999th visitor out of null makes me feel so special, and I get an IPad 2!"


"Our data center is about 30% virtual, 70% physical, and 0% something else. Which one do I pick?" asked Russell Shilling.


Jason Cook should probably go get a coffee or something.


"After spending 30 minutes politely filling in the complaint form to see this result, I'm left wondering how I complain the complaint form isn't working?" complained Shaun Forsyth.


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