"I spotted this on Decathlon, a sports store here in the UK," Steve Mansfield wrote, "they are obviously taking no chances, just in case the theory of quantum cosmology is proved correct and there are indeed multiple parallel universes. It would be awful (and no doubt disastrous for the space-time continuum) if your pair of running shoes went to the wrong universe."


"I'm not sure how this relates to IT," writes Jason Woods , "but I don't think they could pay me enough to work as an Anal Disaster Recover"


"If I had known Set col, row was playing tonight I would have worn my shirt," Kevin Shay writes, "love those guys!"


"I understand that shipping takes time" wrote Chris Bailey "but I don't really want to wait a couple of years for my new end table"


"Though I speak it with a Canadian accent," Oliver Merk writes, " I'm quite fluent in 1234567890 and was able to select the language."


Brett Nash got this while logging-in to HSBC banking.


"Thunderbird popped up this message," Kyle Kovalchek wrote, "or did it?"


"I'm glad they're trying," Danny V writes, "but this box could be a little bit more helpful..."


"Is the FAIL the Out of Order, or the Out of Order the FAIL?" wonders Cody.


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