"While saving a new password, I sometimes get this message. It takes a lot of faith in assuming all is well and to just click 'OK'," writes Justin Stolle.


"Thankfully my great grandfather remember to run the backup 136 years ago," remarked a relieved Daniel B.


Daniel Ruggeri wrote, "Someone should tell Merriam-Webster that it's bad form to use a word in its own definition."


"After spending 30 minutes politely filling in the complaint form to see this result, I'm left wondering how I complain the complaint form isn't working?" writes Shaun Forsyth


Anton wrote, "I think I'm rich! ...or at least better off than if my stock went up NaN%."


Julie was looking for a small office desk, but found this instead.


Alan wonders, "Under what circumstances would I have an option to select shopping against them?


"This one happened to me so many times that I ended up downloading the cracked version," writes David L.


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