"I submit reason number one why you should start up your old XP box every once in a while even if you don't need it...just in case you might want to use it again," writes Bobbie.


"My city finally set up online payments and I think they made the State field a collection of every stupid thing anyone ever entered in a text field in some form long past," writes Matt, "and no, that first entry isn't a ZIP code for this city."


Colin wrote, "I know you are not meant to send passwords in clear text in an email, but this is a bit much!"


"Got this message while installing a 10 year old program on a 10 day old computer," wrote Carl, "If it works, we'll hold a fundraiser to buy more RAM."


"Somehow, I feel these yes/no questions don't belong in a list of job types," remarked Mark.


"It looks like travelling in 2013 will be a tad bit cheaper," writes Todd Fisher.


David S. postulates, "If I could open the presentation, I wonder if the first piece of "insider information" would be: 1. The iPhone doesn't support Adobe Flash?"


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