"This phone booth in Windhoek is obviously in distress," Chris Pliers writes, "who should I call?"


Matt got this message while installing Vue 5 Infinite.


"I came across this at a Sunoco station while trying to get some fuel," Luke notes, "I guess I can't really argue with it."


"I was taking an introductory course to DB2 when I spotted this page," Abel Morelos writes, "somebody, please explain this figure to me!"


"Good idea, United States Postal Service website," writes Nick, "I'd hate to offend the database server."


Bruce Carson writes, "my Harris Bank statement shows an interest rate that would make Mafia bosses blush!"


"It turns out that Netflix has only one streaming movie," Mike Ely notes, "am I also the only streaming customer? Or can we start a fan club for this film?"


"What with all this talk about the economic crisis," writes Paul Keating, "it's always great to find a genuine bargain Like this one from Toys R Us!"


"Pop quiz, hot shot," writes Michael Moore, "there's an image in an editor. And guess what, it is edited. Do you close it? Huh, do you close it?"


"This USB stick cover gracefully evades the whole '1000 vs 1024' issue," Sergey Shelukhin notes, "well, almost."


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