"I was very grateful for the letter Virgin sent out the day after they were here," Magnus Therning "That sure helped us planning."


"I discovered this super-secret, crazy-awesome, ultra-Beta Gmail Labs feature that somehow bends spacetime and lets you send an email to the future!" Danny V writes, "I was all excited until I received an email from my Past Self; it was the exact message that I had sent to my Future Self a few minutes prior."


"Weird," Matt write, "while I am an unregistered visitor, I'm pretty sure I'm not Internal Only. But I will say, I thought I had a higher Tookie value."


Jeremy Fry received this from his mortgage provider.


Chris Wade notes, "BricsCAD has a setting for every computer-related emotion."


"When there's something straaaange in your render app," Mike M sings, "who you gonna call? Pro-GRAM-mers!"


"Generate fewer messages?" Mark Christian ponders, "perhaps you could have started with that one?"


"The Planning Portal is the site we have to fill in to apply for planning permission," write Chris Wade, "Number Null, Null Road is becoming a bit overdeveloped."


"I'm new to Twitter," Denilson Figueiredo de Sá write, "and I don't know exactly what to expect from it. Apparently, the feeling is mutual."


"I needed to check the EULA for XP Professional Edition," Jenk write, "to say it's a bit vague is an understatement."


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