"Monster has an interesting definition of the word 'Near'," writes Dan.


"I thought nullMing-Na delivered a steller performance here," notes Doug W..


"While I enjoy that Price Spider sends me notifications when there's a drop," writes Zen R., "I think I'll pass on the 'before' price."


Barney Bolger spotted this rather unique way to confirm quitting.


"Not so intelli now, are we Intellisurvey?" writes Paddy Robinson-Griffin, "not only does 80+20 != 100, but 100 != 100."

... then later ...


"I came upon this screen while ordering some cables from Monoprice," Erik Trent writes, "as much as I appreciate their new-found push for security, I'm pretty sure my credit card number doesn't have any X's in it."


Chris writes, "my doctor told me I didn't have enough dyglyceeeeeerides and cinnqmon in my diet, so I picked up these cookies from Adams."


"I didn't realize Macs were so particular about file extensions," Hubert writes, "I guess it's actually my fault for expecting to be able to save a CSV file with a .csv extension."


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