Irrational Installation (from Mike T)
My company recently shelled out $8,000 for a mobile TV conference endpoint that allows us to do a two-way video conference from the field using a fairly small device (about the size of a large digital camera). It's a pretty cool idea, but we're finding that the hardware and software design are just not quite Enterprisey enough for our liking.

As an example, here is the official company reply on their support forum explaining how to reset the device to factory default settings:

Hardware reset procedure Xcaster (all settings will be reset to factory default)

Required equipment:

  • Small magnet


  1. Boot up the Xcaster
  2. Place a magnet close to the lower left or right side of the camera lens (red circle on image below).
  3. After 5-10 seconds, the GUI screen should turn white, and the Xcaster will reboot.
  4. When the screen turns white, remove the magnet and wait for the booting to complete.
  5. Reset procedure is now complete.


Irrational Installation (from D. Irigawa)
If you've never had to install IBM Rational ClearCase, consider yourself lucky. On the pain scale, it sits right between taking your bottom lip and stretching it over your head to the back of your neck, and actually using Rational ClearCase.

After spending several hours of pouring through generally incomprehensible documentation to try to figure out an approach for get started with the installation, I stumbled across this mind-bending sentence:

"Run a silent install of Installation Manager using the Installation Manager installer, see Installing Installation Manager with the Installation Manager installer."


Installs the Manual (from Justus)
Greetings from an installed user! No, this thing was not installed by the hard dish. The hard disk took some conventional screws to install the manual.


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