Holy fricken' time-for-a-new-host! Jeeze ... the idea with going dedicated was to improve reliability ... but the site has been down since this morning. So if anyone knows of a good data center offering a package for around $150/month who will install Small Business Server, please let me know.

With that aside ... here is a look at Post #4 ...

Now I for one can't seem to fathom why the folks at Microsoft that engineered the framework did not think to include this as a core function. Honestly, how else are you supposed to know if an expression is true or false. See how ambiguous and confusing this is:

If myDocument.IsActive Then DoStuff()

I'm completely lost. WTF does that line of code do? Now lets see how it looks when we employ best practices and the the IsTrue function:

If IsTrue( objInstanceOfDocument.blnDocumentPropertyIsActive ) Then fn_DoStuff()

Crystal. Clarity.

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