Shane writes, "You gotta admire a septuagenarian who managed to get involved with an armed standoff, Chris Brown, a Twitter contest, Seth Meyers, the Bulgarian elections, and California prisons--all within 24 hours."


"Installing Groundwork, I was presented with a list of three choices for time zone," wrote Jessica Blank, "There was no 'more'. There was no 'page two'. (By the way, I am in New York.)"


Rahul P. asks, "Come on BCBS, do I have a message or not?!"


"I know Google collects way too much personal data, but asking me to copy my own name from the greeting seems a bit weird even for them," writes Christopher.


"Despite what the message says, the file wasn't damaged or anything - it opened fine with TextEdit," writes Alastair, "I guess Word was just in a bad mood."


"I knew that April felt like it stretched on longer than usual," remarked Adam L..


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