99% of terrible emails are just that. Horrible. However, there's that glimmering 1% of terrible emails that are so bad that they end up being pretty good. Here are a few of them. And, as always, remember - send us your (best) worst emails. We love them!

Schrödinger's Attendee (From Aaron S.)

Apparently, I both attended and missed the webinar.


Customer Service Fail (From Graeme)

"I've been having a painful back and forth with Wicked Campers about the price of a quote. They finally agreed to the original price, but I don't think they were too happy with me about it. I wonder if they realise what they left in the subject line."


Maybe they're looking for a cryptography specialist? (Submitted Anonymously)



Globally Utterly Interesting Daily posts (From Maciek O.)

"I'm proud of subscribing to one of Microsoft's blogs - I get stuff in my inbox, that other mere mortals will envy me GUIDernally"


network Outage CATastrophy (From Jamie)

"One of the remote sites we support dropped off the network. While we were going through all the incident management stuff for this, we received the following update from the incident manager:"

A cat is found in the server room.

Site staff are trying to take the cat out that may be causing the network outage problem.

Name Person

"Of course, we replied back asking if it was a CAT5 or a CAT6."


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