"I work for an IT department in a large department store and while scanning through some old code, I ran upon this gem," writes Steve C., "I can't say that I disagree!"


Evi Vanoost wrote, "Wells Fargo needs to make up it's mind. I mean, did the password get created or not?"


"Local retailer called Pick 'n Pay have started a smart shopper card, and recently, I tried to swap points for cash and got this error," wrote Emil S., "now I'm not sure whether it'll load unlimited points or it'll zero out everything I've got."


"Really, the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that you have one...and then seeking help," advised Marta Dalton.


"While recently doing some patent investigation work, I had occasion to look at the features of Cochlear's hearing aid devices," wrote Allan Chandler, "As you can see, it appears that Cochlear considers 'head injury' to be a rather important feature of all hearing aids."


Fred suddenly has a bunch of time on his hands while waiting for Time Machine to finish.


"I can think of at least one reason why I'd not want to upgrade for that price," remarked Rodger Bobard.


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