As a Network Administrator in a mid-sized manufacturing company, Kevin is used to working with end-users. One of his roles is to act as third-tier technical support, thereby avoiding most of the fun experiences from the corporate helpdesk and focusing mostly on the more complex issues from power users.

One such issue that came up recently was that a certain user's laptop intermittently dropped connections to the VPN. After running several diagnostics against the computer, Kevin determined that, oddly enough, the integrated network card was defective and that a warranty fix through Dell was be needed. After explaining the situation to the user over the phone, he sent a quick follow-up email to ask for the laptop's service tag. Days later, he received the following reply in the form of a printout via inter-office mail.


In case it's not clear from the scan, the user peeled her sticker off the bottom of her laptop, taped it to the email print-out, wrote "sorry, it tore trying gently to get it off", and then snail-mailed it back to him. Kevin has since learned to be a little more specific when making such requests.

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