"Google news chose an interesting photo to go along with an article about mental illness," Tom commented.


"I found this on a can of pink Himalaya salt," wrote Mikkel Hansen, "I'm impressed that they were able to figure out the expiration date down to the day."

"Mindst holdbar til:" is the English "Best before:"


"This message popped up while trying to customize the latest version of Adobe Reader," A.M. writes, "it was funny at first... until I realized that, in addition to lacking a good message, they also deleted my transform (MST) file.


"I noticed this label on a box of Sanex deodorant at my local store," writes Kristian, "I guess that's one use for it."


"I never quite understood why written-out numbers are followed by a parenthetically-enclosed numeric number," Greg wrote, "but whatever the reason, I'm pretty sure this defeats the purpose."


"afseflk aln slekn al," Mark Pugh asdf, "asfne lkna ;alkenf ;asdfasdf."


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