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Astah   Astah is a comprehensive modeling toolset that works with UML, ERD, DFD and mind mapping models within the same integrated platform. There's both a free trial and a free community edition available. They also put out a pretty unique guide called Zen and The Art of User Requirements that's worth a quick read.
New Relic   New Relic is basically a magical, real-time performance and user monitoring tool that works on virtually any web platform: Java, Ruby, PHP, .net, Python, Ruby on Rails. I'm not sure how it works (magic?), but it's incredibly easy to use and is pretty inexpensive. Remember: performance is a must-have feature!
BuildMaster   Inedo - the makers of BuildMaster, a new and unique platform that applies the rigor of source control and the discipline of issue tracking to the rest of the application lifecycle. By integrating with numerous best-of-breed development tools, BuildMaster automates and faciliates everything from build management to workflow-driven approvals to database change scripts to production deployments.
SoftLayer   SoftLayer - serious hosting provider with datacenters in three cities (Dallas, Seattle, DC) that has plans designed to scale from a single, dedicated server to your own virtual data center (complete with racks and all)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled, slightly off-topic program.


"I was in the market for a desk and came across this great Web 0.1 posting," writes Dave Finlay, "sadly, there's no wooden table."


"I was greeted by this attempt to put my programmer's brain into an infinite loop after coming back from lunch one day," Jason wrote.


"I spotted this abuse of the DRY principle at a parking lot recently," Ben wrote, "for the life of me, I can't imagine what the person ordering the signs was thinking... if it fails, try the same thing again?"


"I needed to replace the clock battery in my computer, so I bought a CR2032 battery with these instructions," Ben writes, "I have never seen a CR2032 battery charger, nor have I ever charged a battery beFore I disposed of it in a Fire."


"This came with an after-market battery charger for my PSP," notes Russ, "I'm not sure what the instructions say, but at least they won't have to elucidate about keeping it away from kids, and I'm clear on not charging it in Death Valley or in the Artic. Can anyone tell me what a barrery is?"


"Seeing your love for Salmiac, I was going to send you this," Andy writes "but I decided to try it myself. I couldn't finish it: it's cured fish, but not what you're imagining. It's sugary, but not sweet. It's pretty much a rabid punch to the tongue. The texture is somewhere between smoked salmon and beef jerky. It looks like cheese, but that's because it was packed in a light sugary oil. Unfortunately I can't read Chinese, so I don't know what it is or even what it's called."


"Our university emphasizes responsible use of material resources and energy," wrote Félix Cloutier, "the smart placement of the electric plugs in classrooms is probably part of a global strategy to reduce our carbon footprint. The electrons face less resistance flowing downhill."


"If these peanuts only contain traces of peanuts, what's the rest then?" wonders Thomas H.


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