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And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.


Jeff S. snapped this pictures of... open source child care?


"Cable adapters?" asks Aaron, "who needs 'em!"


"South America... South Africa..." writes Pete Amundson, "same thing, really."


"Cooking rice is more strategic that I realized," writes Jake, "I guess this is why fuzzy logic is so important."


"Apparently, one of the pages from the printer had a melted gear stuck to it," wrote Bo, "since the printer still seems to work, I guess I can respond to the user that it wasn't very important."


"Obviously, the powers that be at my workplace believe that fixing an inevitable disaster is unnecessary if everyone agrees to ignore it," Leigh


Erik spotted this at a C&A Kid's store in Germany.


"I generally don't cook A/V receivers," writes Chris Ma, "but I guess this one is bake-only?"


"Glad I saw this," writes Mike Rasch, "I was going to prepay later."


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