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And now for our regularly scheduled program...

"When filling out a web health assessment, I'm pretty sure I didn't mention the scourge of %_SQL_TEXT that runs in my family," writes Josh Ward, "it's an embarrassing condition, to be sure!"


"I knew Ikea carried a lot of stuff, but a Petabyte is bigger than I expected," Nero Imhard, "still, I waited until I was within WiFi reach before proceeding."


"I got this while trying to start DBArtisan," writes Willy, "is it telling me or asking me?"


"I read that the HTC Thunderbolt has great download speeds but poor battery life," Andrew writes, "but I noticed that the clocks are a little out of sync. Maybe I can find an app that syncs both clocks to the correct time."


Erkki Laite found this in his local paper, the Finnish Turun Sanomat on 02.11.2011.


Jim Moyle spotted this on the front page of booking.com.


"I guess if someone at the mall searched to find where multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) was, the directory would have been correct," writes Darin Rousseau.


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