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And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

"Guess my grandsons will be the ones that will be able to see the secrets hidden in this iPad," writes Carlos Sarmiento.


"I spotted this interesting menu choice when ordering dinner," Tom wrote.


"I came across this 'help' message when working with some very 'special' software," writes Jake, "when testing without any of the peripherals attached to the machine (the software controls lasers) I was told to follow the provided steps to debug the error."


"I saw this card at my local M&T Bank," wrote Matthew Kern, "either I don't exactly understand how grants work, or they don't exactly know how that programming language works."


"My car is in need of a service so I felt fortunate to spot this advert in a local magazine telling me a new garage had opened up close by," wrote Simon W, "however I am struggling to picture where ||| road is or || ||||| ||||||| station might be to work out where my new ||||||| |||| centre is."


"Want to place bets on how they're storing passwords?" Paul F writes


"GiantDefenseCorp is going to switch to SAP," writes Carl Witthoft, "the countdown to changeover is... when?"


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