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ChangeVision   ChangeVision - makers of astah*, a comprehensive modeling toolset that works with UML, ERD, DFD and mind mapping models within the same integrated platform. There's both a free trial and a free community edition available. They also put out a pretty unique guide called Zen and The Art of User Requirements that's worth a quick read.
BuildMaster   BuildMaster - an easy way to automate your build, deploy, and configuration process all the way through production. Basically, it's application lifecycle management the way it should be: platform neutral, process neutral, and tool neutral.
SoftLayer   SoftLayer - serious hosting provider with datacenters in three cities (Dallas, Seattle, DC) that has plans designed to scale from a single, dedicated server to your own virtual data center (complete with racks and all)

And now, for something completely different... or at least a little fun and off-topic.


Joe writes, "they must provide great landscaping!"


"I took this from window in Groningen (Netherlands)," Thomas Vervest "I know it's not unusual for hackers to drive through towns looking for open WiFi connections, but at least they try not to stick out. This guy, however, doesn't know what 'blending in' means."


"I found this while taking the elevator to my sister-in-law's third floor condo," writes Hae Yu.


Romeo's Monster Sub isn't just fourteen inches... it's fourteen monster inches.


Scott Adams snapped this delicious garlic spred with a side of illiteracy.


"My nephew took this picture on a trip to England," writes Dan C, "I don't know what it is, but it doesn't sound too appetizing."


Lorne Kates' local ice-cream stand will not just fix a delightful sundae, but fix your computer.


"I spotted this in La Crosse, WI," writes Andy Wright, "I didn't know Tux, the Linux operating system mascot, fixed baths!"


Michael C notes that the Russian caption means "Testing Center".


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