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Software Verification   Software Verification - software engineering tools for memory leak detection, code coverage, performance profiling, thread lock contention analysis and thread deadlock detection, flow tracing and application replay on the Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and NT platforms.
Mosso   Mosso - massively scalable hosting for .NET (2,3,3.5) PHP, Ruby, etc., with unlimited sites & mailboxes, simple online provisioning, and an enterprise clustered platform that's supported by real people.
SlickEdit   SlickEdit - makers of that very-impressive code editor and some pretty neat Eclipse and VisualStudio.NET tools and add-ins, some of which (Gadgets) are free. Check out this short video highlighting just one of SlickEdit's Visual Studio integration features.
SoftLayer   SoftLayer - serious hosting provider with datacenters in three cities (Dallas, Seattle, DC) that has plans designed to scale from a single, dedicated server to your own virtual data center (complete with racks and all)
WTF   The Non-WTF Job Board - Powered by HiddenNetwork, it features some great job opportunities like:


S.R. writes, "this seems especially appropriate in these economic times."


"I was tempted by this treat in Lidl," Becky wrote, "but on second thought, I don't think I want to add Ass Sauces to my diet."


"Occasionally, when I take the escalator down to the parking level at a nearby shopping mall, I use the brief moment to ponder the purpose of existence," writes Jere P. (Helsinki, Finland), "I wonder if this door next to the escalators ever shares my thoughts."


"I snapped this at the carpark of a local shopping centre," Andrew Ryder writes, "I'm impressed that such small addition to the standard smiley can change it from 'happy' to 'super villain'."


"This is what the ENTER key on a former co-worker's keyboard looked like," an anonymous reader said, "the keyboard was thrown away after that for some reason."

full-size avaiable, but I don't recommend it


"I get the impression they want me to observe the instructions," notes James.


"So I'm sure this does a good job at keeping the robbers out," wrote Stephen Prendergast, "now how do they get in?"


"I was leaving work the other day when I noticed an odd restriction next to the exterior door," Richard Hornsby writes, "I guess that's just one way to keep the young'uns in. The door itself leads to the parking lot, nothing dangerous like a loading dock or pit of alligators."


"These stickers are in a number of the toilets at Monash University in Australia," writes Bryan Paton, "granted there is a large number who come from Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc, but still I would have thought the use of a toilet was fairly self-evident.


"I snapped this in the bathroom," Paul Shen wrote, "and it's a good thing they warned me. I may have been confused and eaten from this."


"Not fair," Dustin Runnells writes, "this isn't the crustless, formerly patented sandwich I paid for!"


"I Saw in Cologne, Germany," X T wrote, "somehow, that doesn't seem like a good idea."


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