Here's a fun snippet of "Classic" ASP from our dear old friend, Tim Cartwright. Ignore for the moment that the application stores name/value pairs in the session to be directly be displayed on a following page. Also, ignore that there are potentially enough items in session that the usage of a regular, 16-bit integer would not be enough to index these items. Instead, try to focus on the ever-so-elegant way the author manages to split the session's name/value pairs into a two-dimensional array for further display processing ...

Public Function SessInfo()
  Dim Item, tmp1, tmp2, a, b, i, ct
  Dim Stuff()
  For Each Item In Session.Contents
    tmp1 = tmp1 & Item & "]["
    tmp2 = tmp2 & Session(Item) & "]["

  ct = CLng( CLng( Session.Contents.Count ) - 1 )

  Redim Stuff(ct, 1)
  a = split(tmp1, "][")
  b = split(tmp2, "][")
  For i = 0 to ubound(a) - 1
    Stuff(i, 0) = CStr( a(i) )
    Stuff(i, 1) = CStr( b(i) )
  SessInfo = Stuff
End Function
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