For those not aquianted with NIH, it stands for Not Invented Here and refers to the tendancy of programmers to avoid using third party tools because, after all, it's something that they could write themselves. I'd bet that it's something that we're all guilty of doing at least once or twice. But I can honestly say that I have never developed my own version of a built-in function, unlike the author of this VB6 function sent in by Eric:

For those unfamiliar with VB6, a call to Replace(str,chr,””) would accomplish the exact same thing. Eric also mentions the production application this was found in has no error handling for major subroutines, such as opening a connection to the database. But, at least the user will know if a call to the procedure replacing all instances of a substring within a string failed.

Don't forget to send on in your examples of NIH and other insanity.

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