"So... is Asia the problem," wonders Bernard Gatt, "or should I just go to Asia?"


"National Rail Enquiries seems to have a different definition of "cheapest" from most other people," wrote Daniel, "after using a highly tuned fare-finding and comparison algorithm it has determined that the fare that costs the most money should be determined as the 'cheapest fare'."


Grant Cullen spotted this at Toronto's Union station.


"There seems to be a problem with the problem," writes Kuznetsov Nikita.


"I tried to track a package sent through USPS," wrote David, "apparently Tim needed to know that it worked."


"In a wave of nostalgia I decided to fire up my old copy of Chessmaster 9000," wrote Nick, "while doing a challenge, the board suddenly cleared and I was greeted with this error."


Malcolm writes, "seems I can't log into Facebook because I will in the future change my password."


"Well...I do like having the best viewing experien-- wait a minute!" wrote Gavin


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