First there's Comcast WTF that was originally posted by "cheesy" ...

Having not received my bill from Comcast (now Time Warner) one month, I called them up. They said they would send me another copy. This is what showed up a week later.

Yup, 6 pages of screenshots of their fancy shmancy billing software

Although Domingos Soares Neto didn't quite get a picture of the buggy traffic light itself, he did snap a picture of the result.

(taken on 2008-01-06 from a building in São Paulo)

And then there's Medical malpractice, originally posted by "msarnoff" ...

Not computer related, but this ad on the cover of a phonebook caught my eye this morning: (sorry, my camera phone sucks)

So now I know who to call if I want a botched operation!

And finally, the classic /bin/true, originally posted by "j_johnso" ...

While playing with the Solaris OS and reading through some of the included programs I came across /bin/true.  For those not familiar with a *NIX system, this simply does nothing and returns sucessfully.  Realizing that this was a shell script and not a binary executable, I decided to see how it was implemented.

bash-2.05$ cat /bin/true
#       Copyright (c) 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 AT&T
#         All Rights Reserved

#       The copyright notice above does not evidence any
#       actual or intended publication of such source code.

#ident  "@(#)    1.6     93/01/11 SMI"   /* SVr4.0 1.4   */

I am not sure which is worse, that this is copyrighted, or that this is version 1.6.  It really makes me wonder what the version history looks like.

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