"I got this in the mail today from my employer," Kevin Wilson writes, "it was the only sheet of paper in the envelope. Perhaps I should have requested the 'more specific' package instead?"


"Better watch out, threads," writes Dante Zco "this is what happens when you don't cooperate. You get TERMINATED! And no, rehabilitation is not an option."


Jon Pope writes, "Fred Meyers in Alaska sure has a weird idea on what involves saving money."


"Well I learned my lesson," Mitch writes, ".iso files are bad!"


I guess Stephen Saucier won't be attending.


"I was shopping at a grocery store in Las Vegas," Ryan writes, "it seems even they figure out a way to confuse you out of your money."


"This is the only website in France that you can buy train tickets," notes Fabien, "sure, it's down half of the time, but at least they're making tests!"


"There is nothing more I hate than hate," Nicholas Piasecki notes, "sometimes it makes me so angry that my words jumble together!"


"I know my server was getting hammered last month," writes Prerak Sanghvi, "but this is a bit too much. At I was popular: I sent more bytes last month than the theoretical total number of electrons in the universe!"


"Our company recently bought some really expensive Project Management software," Stephen notes, "it included a lot of options."


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