Rob wrote, "I was trying to raise a service request for an Office 365 issue but the service request functionality was broken. I could of course try and report this... by raising a service request."


"I tried to pay my toll charges today, like a good citizen, but it looks like the State of California considers it an error that the credit card request was approved," Jonathan writes.


Giulio C. wrote, "Babelfish seems quite sure of its successful translation, but I don't really think that is an Italian sentence."


"Seems as if there are some people in Germany and the US that still live in AOL," wrote Thilo.


Hamish writes, "Breaking news! Your Mac needs to restart!"


"After we upgraded our Fibre_Channel-SAN we received the following," Henry K. wrote, "Now, THAT'S what I call an upgrade!"


Philipp H. wrote, "This is certainaly not an error that I'd expect to see on Linux Today's site."


"Saw this when looking at some laptops on I need to somehow solve for X?" asks Indrek.


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