Mark H. wrote, "Despite being a company that specializes in shipping orders, I guess Tiger Direct has no idea which zip codes are in which cities."


"So...did it miss the last flight?" asks Mike D.


"Not sure what's going on with Hearthstone here," wrote Petrea M., "Maybe everyone at Blizzard got distracted?"


"If you run out of RAM and you're using Safari, it turns out that Apple has a special crash error for that," Andrew F. writes.


"While searching IBM Knowledge Center I found what seems like many line breaks - but where's the error?" Oliver wondered.


"Unfortunately it didn't cross my mind to try and add it to the cart until afterwards," writes Tim.


Marc writes, "Really, Yahoo? I know you're only trying to help protect my account but this is ridiculous!"


Kendall wrote, "This consistently appeared for times over 1 day."


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