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It was in the good ol' days of the dot.com era. I worked as a web programmer for this really sleek web and design agency — that is, not much pay, but lots of great parties. Cool chicks, too... well, not too bad altogether, at least in my memory.

One day there, we got our very own web server. Well, we needed one to test drive these pages, so I think this was a good idea. The admins, of course, wanted a Linux server, but the management heard that Windows NT is all the hype. We got an NT server. First thing the admins did was to install Debian (and never told the management). Well, I didn't care, the server worked, and that's all I was interested in.

Or did it? Strangely enough, while I could access the server quite well from the office (and obviously none of our clients had any problems accessing it) I simply couldn't check it out from at home in the eveing. It was either "Server not found" or "Timeout." So there must be something wrong with my network connection, obviously.

So one day I was doing long hours in the office and shortly after everybody (most notably the management) left the office, the web server was suddenly down again. So I walked over to the admins to ask them to check. Hm, nobody there? I checked the server room. There they are, all playing Quake — on our web server. As they did almost every evening.

Well, at least that explains the outages...

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