"I'm trying to figure out some code and I don't even know where to start with the WTFs!" writes Rachel. "The design has introduced me to a new level of terrible. The naming convention is inconsistent, and the WTFs just keep coming..."

"Here's one of my favorite snips of code. Apparently names are all numeric, and everyone has to be White, Hispanic, Asian, or Indian."

"Actually, scratch Indian."

public bool set_consumer_info(double firstname, double lastname, double ssn, 
                              double white, double hispanic, double asian, double indian) {
    this.consumer = new double[6];
    this.consumer[0] = firstname;
    this.consumer[1] = lastname;
    this.consumer[2] = ssn;
    this.consumer[3] = white;
    this.consumer[4] = hispanic;
    this.consumer[5] = asian;
    return true;

"It gets better though when you see how it's called."

// ds is a custom class helpfully called "DataSet"
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