German readers may be familiar with the story of, the official website of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Labour Office). It's a fairly typical "big business" story: government wants a job portal website, large consulting company (Accenture) bids €65.5M, government accepts, consultants start it but say they need another €100M to complete it, government becomes outraged, news stories are written (like this one), and eventually a horribly slow low-functionality website gets built.

But there's something I just can't wrap my mind around with stories like this. Why do people get outraged with a job portal website costing 160,000,000+ euros? Don't they realize how much enterprise is bundled with a price like that? Can't they understand that the slowness and poor usability is key part of enterpriseness and, that this is actually a good thing?

Well I hope that I can set the record straight today and give Accenture the credit they are due. It's impossible to explain the value behind a €160M+ website in such a small space, but I think that Wladimir Palant found the perfect example that you can actually check and see for yourself (view source on It's a 714-byte session identifier that's unique enough to represent all sessions across all websites across all the Internets across all galaxies throughout all of time ... four times over. Now that's enterprisey ...

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