I was a bit disappointed that the acronym IHBLRIA (Invented Here, But Let's Reinvent It Anyway) did not seep into the general techo-nonsense-babble-buzzword lexicon. Rarity doesn't seem to be the problem: today's code (from Manni) is the third case of IHBLRIA I've posted. I think it's non-usage stems from the fact that IHBLRIA is completely unpronounceable. I don't know if I should be saying ib-le-ree-ah (rhyming with, appropriately, diarrhea) or just stumbling with a new pronunciation every time, like i-hib-el-ar-ee (your guess is as good as mine).

In any case, as you check out this Frontpage-generated reimplementation of FileSystemObject::FileExists(), try to remember the real lesson of IHBLRIA: when making up acronyms, make sure that they pronounceable or, at a bare minimum, contain the letter X.

Function FrontPage_FileExists(fspath)
  On Error Resume Next
  FrontPage_FileExists = False
  Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  Set istream = fs.OpenTextFile(fspath)
  If Err.Number = 0 Then
    FrontPage_FileExists = True
  End If
  Set istream = Nothing
  Set fs = Nothing
End Function
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