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A couple years back, I was tasked with making a few changes to a client’s existing website. Most of the changes they wanted were cosmetic – move a few things here, change some text there – but some involved making minor enhancements to the application.

Fortunately, the client actually did their due diligence and “a lot of cutting and pasting,” created a mock-up of what they wanted. I asked them to send it over and, a few minutes later, a few dozen pages spilled out of the fax machine. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense why they saw the need to print and then fax it, but I figured they just lost my email address or something.

After the reviewing their screenshots, I called them up to discuss the changes and offer a few additional suggestions. The client agreed and promised that they’d fax over the changes right away. Before hanging up, I asked if they’d be able to simple email the document instead of printing and faxing it.

“We can’t,” the client replied, “we’re cutting and pasting.”

Even more confused, I asked why cutting and pasting some text inside a word document would prevent them from emailing it to me. As it turned out, the client had a pretty good reason.

Their version of “cut and paste” involved a screen print from a browser, scissors, and a bottle of glue.

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