Kristján writes, "I agree. No, wait..."


"I got this while doing my online homework for a calculus class I am taking," wrote Chase P., "I mean, it's freaking 42 of all numbers - how could it NOT be correct??."


In order to take over the earth, the Brain hatched a plan where he would sieze control of the world's banking system. The plan was true genius, but like all big plans, he had to start somewhere which, in this case, was to take control of OneWest Bank's QuickPricer.


"I know that folks in Texas have strong feelings about where they live," wrote Reinier, "but I had NO idea that people in South Africa did too!"


"I wasn't exactly sure what to do here so," writes Johann, "I figured it safest to click on the "X" to close the window, manually restart, and pray for the best"


"The text translates roughly "Some tray icons can't be shown. There isn't enough space to show all objects in system tray. Uninstall some programs or try to use larger display resolution.," writes Maar, "I guess that I'll be able to justify that larger monitor purchase after all!"


"I think I'm going to take my chances and say 'no' the extended warranty," writes Stewart.


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