"The History Channel has a different interpretation of the events following the end of WWII than I was led to believe," writes Joe H.


I'm imagining that somewhere there's a guy out there running OS/2 Warp, teetering on the verge of finally switching over to Windows XP, but is holding back just because he still can print boarding passes from American Airlines' website. (Thanks Andrew!)


"Staples said there was a great value if I bought two, but I wasn't so sure," writes Allen Baldwin.


Scott J. wrote, "I have no idea how I did this, but something broke when I left my computer on overnight."


"We ordered a cake through the Dairy Queen website and wanted them to write our son's name in Russian," writes Alex A., "All looked good on the site, but then we got this."


"Apparently we first wrote this contract during the renaissance but lost it. Thanks for getting it back for us, Office 2013!" writes Chris Key.


"Deciding between hard or soft tacos was a tough choice," Jarad F. wrote, "Thank goodness Taco Bell made this desision easier."


"My Oracle screen timed out over lunch today," writes Andrew T., "Perhaps I haven't really been working as hard as I thought?"


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