"After running the old version of Vista Manager after purchasing it," writes Paul, "I was informed of the status of my trial version."


Drew writes, "setting aside what a '2-D Cupcake' is like, aren't 'Giant Cupcakes' just a cake?"


"Apparently SAP would like to hire an AJAX person," writes Joshua Knarr, "but it seems like the only position I could search for was DO NOT USE.."


"I was registering with a new VPS host today, and was given these options when selecting a security question," Sharon S wrote, "Ummm, I'll go for the last one, I think."


"Apparently it's way faster to download a 3.9 GB file over dialup than over DSL," writes Jean Azzopardi, "Who knew?"


Larry's peak speed is also known as .94 Internets/sec.


"I agree," writes Kristján, "no wait... err... agree! I mean disagree."


"I installed VisualStudio 2003 in a Virtual PC to work on an old WinCE project," writes Toshko Andreev, "the WinCE emulator wasn't very happy about that."


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