"Let's see... 580 GB free, 309MB used by Unbox, and -580 GB used by other files. Sounds about...right!?" writes Geoff.


"IE knows it doesn't know this, but doesn't know what it doesn't know," wrote Jamie.


"There was only one question I needed to answer to get the job. Too bad...," laments Dan.


"Looks like a spammer opted for the 'nuclear option' when trying to make it past our spam filter," wrote Alex.


Bart-Jan Vrielink wrote, "When I tried to contact PayPal using the 'Contact Us' button on their website, I was greeted with these instructions. In preferences however, the only options they have are for 'English' and 'Dutch'."


As it turns out, Chaz has been waiting 73 years for a package that he ordered earlier this year.


"I was unaware that EULAs required scheduled maintenance," wrote Jonathan.


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