"I think Google is trying to tell me something. I can't quit put my finger on what though..." writes Jakub.


"We just purchased some ram and found one of the sticks didn't work. Looking at the stick, we noticed the 'warranty void if removed' sticker was covering quite a few of the pins," wrote Andrew S.. "We eventually decided to take the risk and "void the warranty" by peeling back the sticker and cleaning the residue off the pins carefully. Thankfully the RAM ran fine after that."


"I went to print a document and received the attached warning window, saying I had run out of ink," Andy Badke wrote, "Even though I could not proceed with the print job, it did mention that I could print the error window if I wanted to."


"Apparently once the phones stop working, the quality of everything else starts going downhill," wrote Jack H.


"I'm sure that if you're like me, once medical descriptions get clinical, your eyes begin to glaze over," writes Danny V., "This was no exception."


"I was searching for some yawn-inducing, esoteric stuff about JavaScript when an ad for a supplement with questionable ingredients crossed my path," writes Jim C.


Ryan asked, "Apparently Chrome doesn't know everything then?"


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