Yesterday, we learned that there is an entire Hall of Shame dedicated to bad UIs. But, I must say, I didn't see anything in there that would last half a round with The FileMatrix. I am still completely mystified by that UI ... and I haven't even braved installation (unlike Roy O)!

Anyways, moving on, Darren Sargent sent along this conversation he had with his coworker, a fellow “Senior Windows Developer” about unregistering a COM DLL:

Darren: You need to unregister Foo.dll

Less-Than-Talented-Colleague [5 minutes later]: How do I unregister a COM DLL?
Darren: Use regsvr32 /u

LTTC [5 more minutes]:
It just says registered successfully
Darren [watches over shoulder]: You seem to be using a Backslash - try it with a Forward slash

LTTC [in command prompt, root of F:]:
Foo.dll regsvr32 \u
Darren: You can't run a dll from the command line, and you're in the wrong directory.

regserver \u Foo.dll
Darren [desperately trying not to seize the keyboard]: Use a forward slash - and it's regsvr32 not regserver

regsvr32/u Foo.dll
Darren: You need a space before the slash

regsvr32 /u Fooo.dll
LTTC: It still doesn't work!!
Darren: You've made a typo in the DLL name.

LTTC [types]:
regsvr32 /u Foo.dll 


Don't hesitate to send in your WTF stories, snippets, memos, and so on!

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