"I went to get $40 out of an ATM machine and I got this message," Joe Bui writes, "I braved the 'unusual document mixture' and hit Continue. It spit out $20 bills and a receipt."


"I came across this question on a New Cell Phone Satisfaction survey," Jonas, "I guess I was extremely satisfied."


"I'm as much of a fan of getting a pack of floss free as the next guy," writes Tony Green, "but this seems a bit steep for floss."


"Now I understand why it was taking Opera so long to import my Thunderbird mailbox," writes Tony Green.


Chris writes, "it looks like someone forgot to press F5 on the mall's sign."


"It seemed like a perfectly logical place to look," notes Lum.


"It's that time of year, and I went to my company's designated website to enroll in my benefits package," Louis L, "perhaps this year we must also come up with a new SSN to enroll?"


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