"I decided not to roll the dice to find out how much '$A' was," Nick K.


"I left my computer running unattended overnight," wrote Bernhard Hiller, "looks like it downloaded the whole internet several times, and loaded it back to the internet again. I hope our provider won't send us such a huge bill."


"When I tried to renew my subscription to a trade magazine, my previously entered information was shown," Michael Nitschke commented, "I was a little concerned about who they were going to call... but since it's not me, I'm not so worried."


"I spotted this when I tried to link my Rock Band 3 profile with Facebook," wrote Roger.


"My Taiwanese friend sent me a fun-looking link," writes Josef, "I tend to browse with scripts and flash disabled, and was especially entertained by this error."


"I guess I'm not allowed to remove users that are no longer employees from my All Contacts list even though it is impossible to contact them?" writes Nadia Fuller, "I'm also not quite sure what the difference between 'No' and 'Cancel' is."


"I loved Amazon's cyber-monday deals," wrote Nick Sardo, "0.0% off on an XBox!"


"Visual Studio 2010 seems to think that I have a project called FooBar... which I don't," writes Ergin Salih, "but it has also loaded a huge number of projects for me already when I actually have a more sedate 78."


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