"I was hoping to take a trip to Hong Kong, but NON-STATIC METHOD seems to be a good value," writes Ryan.


"I had a feeling that this new laptop might run hot," Kelly L. wrote, "but I wasn't expecting it to be quite this hot!"


"Wow! My build went so fast that it's running in the 19th century!" Eric writes.


"Lorem ipsum dolar sit amet,"Casey writes, "consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque pharetra ligula sit: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/shoppingtools/invitation/invitationToJoin.jsp."


Rich writes, "It seems Skype couldn't handle the future and reverted to Win3.1-style erroring (in Windows 7)."


"It seems that Bugzilla is very picky about the max size of an upload," Chris D. writes.


Denise writes, "Though my password passes their requirements and is rated 'very strong', it's still too simple for National Geographic's unwritten high standards."


"One of my favorite video blogs, Table Top, hosted by Wil Wheaton uploads a new episode every Thursday," Andy G. writes, "I might skip this one though. This week's game and guests seem to be a little...boring."


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